Kerala High Court orders to allow Orthodox faction to enter Piravom church

Kochi : The Kerala High Court directed the state government to evacuate the members of Jacobite faction, who are camping inside the Piravom church, on Thursday itself.

The HC also directed to evacuate those camped on the premises of the church and to submit a report by 1.45 pm.

The Orthodox faction had submitted a petition in the High Court demanding the district collector to take up the Piravom church issue and implement he Supreme Court verdict.

The HC ordered evacuation while considering the plea. Tension has been prevailing at Piravom in Ernakulam district since Wednesday as several Jacobite faction priests and followers prevented those belonging to the Orthodox faction from entering the church here and taking possession as per Supreme Court order.

Hundreds of people belonging to the Jacobite faction, camping in the church, prevented the implementation of the top court’s verdict when the Orthodox faction tried to enter the ‘Piravom Valiya palli’ at 7 am on Wednesday.

The church gates were closed from inside by the priests and followers of the Jacobite faction, forcing the Orthodox faction priests to sit outside.

Police made an announcement through the mike, urging the Jacobite faction priests to sit outside. However, the Jacobite faction faithful, comprising a large number of women followers, resisted, saying they would not allow the rival faction to take control of their Church.

Slogans were raised against the the Orthodox faction. A large number of police forces have been deployed in the premises the Orthodox faction.

A large number of police forces have been deployed in the premises.


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