Coronavirus : Sapna Choudhary gets teary eyed during Janta curfew : Watch Video

For the first time, while showing discipline, the country imposed a curfew on such a large scale and also obeyed it and last evening, the entire country also saluted the Corona commandos.

In addition to the common man, Bollywood celebs also encouraged the doctors and policemen by playing thali and clapping. In this list, Sapna Chaudhary, who was seen in a name TV show Bigg Boss, was also involved. A video of her is going viral.

Sapna Chaudhary dances vigorously every time, but in this video, she has got a different style. She is seen coming out of her house’s balconies and playing applause and during this time tears also came in her eyes. She clapped for the country for 5 minutes but she also became emotional. The tears coming out of her eyes, she is giving testimony that she is happy with the work of the corona commandos, besides this, she is enjoying the spirit of the country.

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