Ranveer’s Complaint about Deepika goes viral among Netizens 

Till the date, Deepveer has known as the iconic couple of B-town, the young, cheerful and energetic couple has won over hearts of innumerous fans. Sometimes there are cases where complaining is the only way out to make that person listen to you and agree with you because in our lives there is at least one person whose orders or requests we cannot deny because we trust that person. Ranveer Singh is trying to make his wife, less restless.

Deepika doesn’t listen to him so his last choice is to file a complaint against her, not in the police station but in family Whatsapp group. Deepika recently revealed in an interview that Ranveer often complains about her in their family group when I am not listening to him. No, he is not a dominating husband it is just that he cares for his wife and when you read the reason for his complaining then you will find out that I was not wrong.

Deepika has a habit of doing something or the other all the time. She cannot sit idle even for a moment. She is a human being only but she has made her mind a machine which if stopped feels restless. Although this is a good habit and increases your productivity after all. But our body has some limits and if our brain is still forcing us to do things beyond that limits then this is called addiction and that can be positive as well as negative.

Deepika has a positive one but human body as some limits and she even crosses them. Recently, she had backache because of cleaning the house. Ranveer ordered her not to get up from the bed when he was on his way to the gym. When Ranveer made a surprise visit 20 minutes after, Deepika was cleaning the shelf. This really made him angry.

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