Feeling down? These tips to help you beat the stress

✶Tune out the tension: Make a routine and keep yourself occupied….Singing, exercise, dance!
✶Focus on the facts…Rely on reliable sources, not sensational news
✶Keep distance, even from -ve thoughts: Breathe in slowly or count backwards from 10-1.
✶Cope with fear by asking yourself..“Is this under my control?”, “How have I dealt with stress in the past?”, “How can I keep myself positive?”
✶Stay in but talk your heart out: Keep in touch with loved ones virtually. Surprise someone with a call
The Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has also announced a psycho-s0cial toll free number to help cope up with behavioral changes during the coronavirus outbreak. The number is 08046110007. The Ministry has also launched video addressing stress management via Yoga and meditation.

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