COVID-19; Maruthi Suzuki Collaborates with AgVA healthcare

India’s largest carmaker, Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL), has said that it will complete its first order of 10 thousand ventilators in collaboration with AgVA Healthcare, an existing approved manufacturer of ventilators, to the Central government by the end of May.

Maruti joins hands with AgVA Healthcare to supply 10,000 ...

Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) has claimed that it was approached by the government to help them in ventilator manufacture in the fight against COVID-19. The government wanted ventilator in April, May and June. As a result, Maruti company collaborated with AgVa, which was a two-year-old company with very little production capacity. But it had manufactured a ventilator that was approved by the government.

Ventilators are expensive and sophisticated breathing aids needed in the treatment of Covid-19, a disease that affects the lungs. Ventilators for critically ill patients include intubation, inserting tubes into the lungs to enable the patient to inhale oxygen. The world faces a critical shortage of ventilators, with about 1.2 million coronavirus infections across 204 countries.

The MSIL is supplying ventilators to the government on a regular basis. While AgVa Healthcare is responsible for the technology, performance and related matters for all the ventilators, the MSIL is using its suppliers to produce the required volume of components and use its experience and knowledge to upgrade systems for the production and quality control of the higher volumes.

Apart from Maruti, carmakers Mahindra Group and Hyundai India have joined hands with other global automobile giants in helping to increase the production of ventilators in the country. India has the world’s fourth-largest auto industry, after China, the US and Japan, and its top three automakers have joined the ventilator market.

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