How To Strengthen Your Relationship During Quarantine

 As the realisation that we were going into an extended period of lockdown began to dawn, a frenzy of questions started flying around the internet. Many people were wondering what it might mean for our romantic lives, from whether we should still date while social distancing to how to practice safe sex during the pandemic.

A couple of weeks ago these concerns mainly centred around the practicalities of going on dates when bars were closed or we were supposed to be keeping two metres between us. For many, that particular debate is now moot as restrictions have significantly increased all around the world.

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So here are a few ways in which you can strengthen your relationship and make it stand the test of the quarantine times.

Give Each Other Space

When you are at home with your partner 24/7, there is this little thing called space that may disappear. You can start by having separate work stations so that both of you can manage WFH without getting distracted by each other. You can also communicate with your partner about the alone time you need to relax and rejuvenate.

Take the time to distance yourself from everything that is happening around you and give yourself some mental space where you can indulge in doing what you enjoy; it can be painting, dancing, reading. Additionally, you can also practice self-care as that can improve your mood and your relationship in the long run.

Divide The House Work

With house helps and cooks practising social distancing, it can get burdensome if one partner ends up doing all the housework. Sit with your SO and discuss all the work that has to be done at home and how you both can take up equal responsibility towards it. While having this conversation with your partner, try not to assign or force your partner into doing something they don’t want to do. Instead, ask them how they would want to go about it so that both of you can find housework that you are comfortable doing.

Communicate Your Feelings

It is understandable if you feel anxious about the entire COVID-19 situation. Sometimes, when we are anxious, it seeps into the way we communicate, and we unknowingly end up using harsh words to let out the negative feelings. As a practice, you can start talking about how you feel with your partner and discussing your insecurities or your fears.

Additionally, you can also ask your partner about how they feel so that if they are nervous or fearful, you can help calm them down. Being understood and communicating your fears so that both of you can come to a conclusion together is an excellent way of strengthening your relationship, not just during quarantine but post quarantine as well.

Be Social With Your Family And Friends Online


One thing that is the absolute truth is that we are all social beings. We crave for the support that our family and friends can give. So it is time to organise some e-meets. Connecting with your loved ones helps to give you a sense of normalcy and will help you avoid the feeling of being locked up or isolated. Moreover, it will help you form stronger bonds with your family and friends as you manoeuvre through this crisis.

Do Things As A Couple

My friend who recently got married called me a week into the quarantine and told me about how this quarantine is taking a toll on her relationship with her husband. Today, she and her husband are acing a couple of goals. This is because they decided to bring the normalcy back into their relationship. This was Friday nights being date nights. So every Friday night, they both dress-up (as my friend says, a little bit of dress-up never hurt anyone), set up a candlelight dinner together, put on some romantic music and enjoy each other’s company. This was their “thing” that they did as a couple before marriage and before the quarantine.

You too can think of one activity that you can enjoy together as a couple. Perhaps it’s watching one series together or having a movie night with popcorn, soda and nachos. Or perhaps this is the time for you to start your own tradition and have your own “thing”.

So take this Lockdown as a way to get closer to each other, set up boundaries, communicate better and understand each other’s perspectives. Emerge stronger during the lockdown.

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