Student Developed 3D Printed Key to Open Doors Without Touching in the Era of COVID-19

yes!! truly necessity is the mother of invention.. and here comes the story of Monash University Engineering student has used 3D printing to develop a cheap and safe plastic tool that can open doors and push buttons – eliminating the need for hand contact on potentially contaminated surfaces in the era of COVID-19.

Muthu Vellayappan who is an Indian-origin PhD candidate in Australia who invented a smart safety key that allows us to open doors and even press buttons without touching them with our hands.
The invention is a simple 3D printed tool that took 2 hours to finish and the material cost for each tool is approximately 50 to 60 cents (Rs 30 approx), says Muthu

When asked what inspired him to make something like this he said that he had seen a video online where some people were touching elevator buttons after sneezing and coughing.


Muthu’s invention is not the only one that inventors have come up with. Steve Brooks, owner of DBB Ltd, a company that manufactures office furniture in London has developed something called the Hygienehook. This is a metallic version of Muthu’s smart key and serves the same purpose.

Muthu said that he is making the design and the procedure to make his smart key tool free for anyone who wants to develop it using a 3D printer.

Currently, the invention isn’t in mass production. However, a lot of countries have shown their interest in manufacturing something like this.


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