Boost your immunity: why you must include amla in your diet

A healthy and balanced diet, which is full of nutrients is our best bet to gear up our immunity. One food, which is cheap, easily available and can help boost immunity is amla. Amla, also called Indian gooseberries, helps boost immunity and keep diseases at bay.
Amla has chromium that can help reduce bad cholesterol in the body. If you know that heart is another vital organ that can get affected by the COVID 19 virus. Thus, its best to have a heart-healthy diet. Amla has various antioxidants that can help neutralize the free radicals and thus save you from many diseases.

Amla also has anti-bacterial properties that can help detoxify your system and even reduce acne and dandruff. Obesity is linked with not just one but many diseases including heart disease and diabetes. Amla can help achieve a healthy BMI by aiding weight loss. The fibre in amla keeps one fuller for longer and improves the digestion.

Amla has been long used to relieve the symptoms of cough and cold, which often lead to chest congestion. Vitamin C in amla also improves immunity. Amla is easily available in the market and can be consumed in various ways. You can get packaged amla jam, murabba and even achars in the market but its best to make these at home anfor maximum benefits. You can make a simple amla chutney or pickle at home. If you like tangy foods, you can have amla just like that with some salt.

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