A Must Know Story of ‘Dhruv’ devotee of Lord Vishnu

There are many such stories in the Puranas, which are worth listening. There is a star in the north direction in space named Dhruva. This star is named on the same pole which was the supreme devotee of Lord Vishnu.

Swayambhu Manu’s wife’s name was Shatrupa. He had 7 sons like Priyavrata, Uttanapad etc. and 3 girls named Devahuti, Aakuti and Prasuti. Shatarup’s son Uttanapada had two wives named Suniti and Suruchi. From Suniti of King Uttanapada, Dhruva and Suruchi produced sons named Uttam. Priyavrata, the second son of Swayambhuva Manu, married Vishvakarma’s daughter Bahishtmati from whom 10 sons were born, Agnidhra, Yajnabahu, Medhatithi etc. Priyavrata’s second wife was born Uttam, Tamas and Raivat – these 3 sons, who bore his name Among the 10 sons of Maharaj Priyavrata, the poet, Mahavira and Savan were the three nostalgic Brahmachari and they took renunciation religion. )) With this, Uttanapad’s Suniti was the first wife whose son was Dhruva. Suniti was a great queen but the king loved Suruchi and her son more than Suniti. It is said that once the king was sitting with his son Dhruva in his lap, then there was a feeling. Seeing his son’s son Dhruv sitting on his lap, he started feeling jealous. Then he took the pole from the lap and while sitting his son in his lap, said that the same child can sit on the king’s lap and can also inherit the throne, which is born from my womb. You are not born from my womb. If your desire is to get the throne, then worship Lord Narayana. By his grace, you will be able to get the throne only when you are born from my womb. At the same time, five-year-old Abodh child Dhruv went to his mother Sunniti crying with fear and he told his mother about his behaviour with her.

Mother said Dhruv loves his father more than your stepmother. That is why they are separated from both of us. We no longer have their support. Our support is only Jagatpati Narayan. Apart from Narayan, there is no one left to remove our suffering. After that, the behaviour of both the mothers had a profound effect on the mind of a five-year-old boy and he left home one day. On the way he found Naradji. Narada Muni told him, son, you go home, your parents must be worried. But Dhruv did not agree and said that I am going to do devotion to Narayana. Then Narada Muni gave him the initiation of the mantra ॐ Namo: Bhagwate Vasudevaya. That child started chanting this mantra at Madhuvan on the banks of river Yamuna. After that Narada went to his father Uttanapada, then Uttapad said that I came under the control of a woman and let my child leave the house. I regret it

Then Narad said that now you do not worry about that child. His guardian is now God only. In the future, his fame will spread all around. On the other hand, Lord Narayana became very happy in a very short time due to the harsh austerity of the child and he appeared and said, “O child, I know your pain and desire. All of you will be wishful and provide you with the world around which the Jyoti Chakra revolves, and all the planets and Saptarshi Nakshatras revolve around the sun.

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