The Brand New Mask Culture All Around The World

COVID-19, the world pandemic has taught many new things to the human race, now its a new era of masks, gloves and sanitizers everywhere. Masks turned to an inevitable part of daily life. All walks of life adopted a new rhythm, yes! we are on the survival phase.

let us see how coronavirus masked the society

Love in the time of corona hashtag has turned to a trend on social media platforms, pages and groups in this name are not less popular.


The theme of those graffiti works around the world are almost same these days 

Spaniens Militär bittet in Corona-Krise Nato um Unterstützung ...


Swiss street artist pays tribute to unsung coronavirus heroes


Coronavirus graffiti murals pop up in New Orleans, one serious ...


San Antonio's Cardi B mural gets a coronavirus makeover and a ...


Coronavirus Murals Have Popped Up on Walls Across Los Angeles


Coronavirus in art: street art around the world shows depictions ...


Coronavirus is a ticking time bomb in Africa - The National


What kind of post-Corona world do we Europeans want? | openDemocracy


Coronavirus pandemic inspires the art of graffiti in India ...


Deaths from coronavirus in deprived areas are more than double ...


People who wear the mask improperly are a new social threat


It seems that even google no more cares that old face brightening “face masks”


Face mask stitching tutorials are on the trending list on youtube, it hits millions of views and new YouTubers are popping up like mushrooms.


Yes! masks that matches the dresses are on the market

Ayeza looks stylish in red dress with matching face mask ...



Let us stay together to fight COVID-19 and be a more responsible human being in the way we treat nature and ourselves for a better and happy tomorrow.


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