Fashion and Covid 19; Impact of covid 19 on Fashion Industry

Fashion industry is a place which constantly changes. It is an industry which is all about reaching your target audience and making them aware of the product like the celebrity style which temp us to buy that. They unique develop the marketing plans and make your product or service reach the target audience.

Like every other sector fashion industry also has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many clothing orders placed with manufacturers around the world have been cancelled. Many physical retailers have shuttered and many won’t survive.

The constantly changing fashion industry is going to have drastic change because of covid19. The changing customer mind-set needs to be kept in mind while developing strategies. Many understand what all are the living essentials that are required because of which they are shifting towards purpose-driven actions and sustainable living. The customer will prefer to buy online, getting discounts and change from brands, quality services at their doorstep, and even prefer buying from marketplaces.

It is time for fashion world to rethink how it does things, financially and environmentally. This is certainly true of the major brands, fashion houses that control a large portion of the industry value chain. But it also applies to debutants: innovators and disruptors that might find it the perfect time to change up and improve upon the existing condition.

Many brands started to deliver essentials online at their doorstep. They gave the best of their services at the doorstep, safety being chosen as top priority. Fashion marketers created user-friendly platforms to connect with the audience and create huge brand awareness. Through this, marketers have increased their social media followers and incoming new users. Marketers can opt for launching their seasonal collections like ‘summer collection 2020’, which got delayed due to covid19 online either on their website and social media platforms or in collaboration with any marketplace. This will even continue to post covid19 because people are going to be afraid of social gatherings from now.

Online streaming of catwalk shows and a no-guests policy might become a new normal for fashion capitals and their front-row people. Now consumers are showing in buying sustainable and vintage clothing, and using clothing rental services each of which is more eco-friendly than shopping seasonally.

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