Penguin movie review : How fearless a mother can become for her son, a thrilling tribute to mothers

Eashvar Karthic’s bilingual movie Penguin is the latest addition to the psycho genre.  It is story of seven-month-pregnant Rhythm (played by Keerthy Suresh) into a fearless mother who sets to find out missing son, Ajay (Master Advaith). The setting of the film is in hill resort, Kodaikanal.  The mist and fog help to create a sense of eeriness, albeit with a few lovely scenes.

Rhythm, who is extremely fond of her son Ajay, loses him in the woods one day and spends years worrying about the incident. Police can only find his clothes in the forest and their investigation stops there. As far as the kid’s whereabouts are concerned, they do not find any information and thus Rhythm’s life goes topsy turvy.

After 6 years Rhythm miraculously gets him back but she soon realises that her son is as good as lost and thus comes many unanswered questions.

Story of Penguine moves back and forth between the present day and what happened six years ago. Keerthy Suresh has got a character of a mother who is capable of doing anything and everything for her son. She is not just an eye candy like typical Tamil-Telgu film. This bilingual thriller is for sure a must watch movie.

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