Solar eclipse 2020 all you need to know

An annular solar eclipse will be witnessed tomorrow on June 21, and Indians will be able watch the phenomenon. This is going to be an annular eclipse.  The greatest vision of the partial eclipse will be around 94 percent in Delhi, 80 percent in Guwahati, 78 percent in Patna, 75 percent in Silchar, 66 percent in Kolkata, 62 percent in Mumbai, 37 percent in Bangalore, 34 percent in Chennai, 28 percent in Port Blair, and others.


The partial phase of the eclipse will begin at 9 h 16 m IST. The annular phase will begin at 10 h 19 m IST. The annular phase will end at 14 h 02 m IST. The partial phase will end at 15h 04 m IST.

The solar eclipse should not be viewed with the naked eye, even for a very short time. It will cause permanent damage to the eyes leading even to blindness.


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