Can you find the hiding lizard in this picture?

It is believed that what’s scarier than finding a lizard in your home is losing a lizard in your home. You’ll look hours for it in every nook and corner and chances are it’ll still manage to hide after one alarming appearance. While that can be a terrible experience, this little ‘find the lizard’ brain teaser will be interesting.

A tweet shared by PhD candidate Earyn McGee, Lizard lassoer, MSc shows a picture and simply asks you to find the lizard hiding in plain sight.

“Lizards, like this tree lizard, have incredible camo! But sometimes predators still see them. It’s important that lizard habitats have crevices and vegetation that lizards can seek shelter in. Can you #FindThatLizard?” says the tweet accompanying the image.

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Can you find it?

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