Kunchako Boban reveals the great lesson taught by his father

Actor Kunchacko Boban shared memory on his father Boban Kunchacko through his Instagram page. In a heartfelt note about his father, he revealed a great lesson which his father taught him and that was to be a good human being.

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He pointed out that his father taught him to treat everyone in this world as a family “May not be the Complete Man..May not be the Perfect Man….(But then,Who is??) For me, The most soft-hearted and emotional Man! The greatest Motivator and Supporter!! The Walking Encyclopedia!!!!Seldom do I miss you (yeah ,maybe on some happy occasions in my life ).Because I always feel your presence around me,around our family,through your friends (mine too) and through those whom you have helped. Thank you for teaching me the greatest lesson in my life,To treat everyone on this world as Family. Love you APPA, Izzu’ s BOBAN APPAPPA…!!,”. actor penned a sweet note.

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