Trying to get pregnant? Follow these food tips

Many people are facing troubles to get pregnant . Studies shows that, up to 15% of couples face fertility issues. Several factors such as poor lifestyle, stress, anxiety and depression are major contributors to fertility-related issues. But the good news is that there are several natural ways to increase your fertility and become pregnant faster.

6 food tips to make getting pregnant easy

Reduce packaged food consumption.

Stay away from all kinds of packaged foods including the camouflaged junk  such as cereals, juices, biscuits. Also, the low-fat versions of yogurt, cheese, or even ice cream. So avoid products that are marketed on the basis of a single nutrient.

Egg freezing: Women can now think about getting pregnant later too.

Homemade curd

Curd is a magical food as it has diverse strains of gut-friendly bacteria, essential amino acids and B vitamins among others. And home-set curd is always better than commercial ones. It also helps to deal with breakouts and sweet cravings during PMS. It will also keep acidity under control once you are pregnant.

Seasonal food items.

Include local and seasonal foods to your daily diet. The diet diversity will improve intestinal mucosa, probiotic bacteria and insulin sensitivity.


Those who are trying to get pregnant consume ghee everyday

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