Incredible health benefits of Curry leaves

Curry leaves or Kadi patta   is one of the ingredients commonly used in India f. It has aromatic and therapeutic purposes. Curry leaves, which has been a part of Indian cuisines since ages, has impressive health benefits.

Relieves stress

Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of curry leaves relieve stress and anxiety.

Reduces body fat

Curry leaves help in burning of unwanted fat in the body, so aids weight loss.

Good for eyes

Curry leaves consumption improves eyesight, and it is good for the eyes

Promotes hair growth

Curry leaves are rich in protein and anti-microbial agents that are ideal for the health of the hair. Properties such as amino acids and antioxidants help in keeping the scalp healthy and promote hair growth.

Heals wounds and burns

Curry leaves help in healing skin inflammation, wounds, cuts and bruises. It acts as an antiseptic.

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Helps liver healthy

Curry leaves’ healing-properties eliminate toxic waste from the body and keep the liver healthy. They protect the liver from harmful toxins.

Controls diabetes

Curry leaves help in keeping the blood sugar/ glucose level in control.

 Helps to keep Digestive system healthy

Curry leaves are good for the digestive system. Consumption of curry leaves fights a variety of stomach infections and diseases.


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