How to love yourself

Self love is easy to define but difficult to imbibe. When we make a mistake, our focus suddenly shifts to negative thoughts, without ever taking into account the positives of the situation.

Every person has their story and own way of loving themselves. Regardless of how many therapies you take, if you will focus only on the negatives then no one can take you out of the mess. Self-love is a way of relating to yourself without being judgmental or punishing yourself for every mistake you make.

How to avoid negative thoughts; simple tips

Be aware of your thoughts on how you feel in the moment. If you’re having negative thoughts, remind yourself that it is just a phase that you can move past.

Don’t involve too much to negative thoughts, find it in yourself to challenge them and learn from every experience good or bad. Beating yourself over it will only bring you down and sabotage your future plans. You are the only one who can change your story.

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Do not compare yourself with someone else because ,you don’t know what they are going through or how they feel. Small steps towards self-love will stir joy and happiness that will help you respect yourself and your dreams.

No one is a better life coach to you than yourself. Ask yourself how did you get here, what is it that you shouldn’t be doing. Tell yourself that you have other choices, and it is never too late to move in a positive direction.



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