Adhyatma Ramayana narration – Day 10

This month, Karkidaka masam there is a ritual to read Ramayana everyday in almost all Hindu households. Hindu organizations perform this ritual in almost all temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu.  During the Ramayana Masam, the recitation of Ramayana starts from the day 1  of the Karkidakam Masam and continues till the last day. It is done with utmost care, devotion and involves a rigorous routine.

Each and every members of the house gather, after sunset, sit close to the ‘Nilavilakku’ or the traditional Kerala lamp and narrate the verses of ‘Adhyatma Ramayana’ . The reading of Ramayana is scheduled in a way that it ends on the last day of the Karkidakam Masam.

From July 16th for a month Shri Madusoodana Marar will narrate the verses of Adhyathma Ramayana for Real News Kerala.

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