How to Make Mayonnaise at Home

Mayonnaise only takes just 10 minutes to make at home, and it tastes so good than most of the brands at the store. Fresh is definitely better when it comes to mayo.



1.25 cups olive oil

1/2 tsp ground mustard seed

1/2 tsp salt

2 tbsp  lemon juice

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  • Add ¼ cup of oil in a mixer, and add the egg, ground mustard, and salt.
  • Process thoroughly, for about 30 seconds, until combined and pale yellow in color.
  • In a blender slowly drizzle in the remaining oil until the mixture is  thick. Adding the oil slowly makes for a creamier mayonnaise. With the food processor still running, add the lemon juice, and mix briefly, for only about 5-10 seconds, until mixed well.
  • The mayonnaise is ready

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