Tips to prevent piles

Piles or hemorrhoids, is a condition  when the veins and arteries around the anus get blocked, inflamed or swollen. Mostly tolerable, it interferes with a bodily function we can’t and shouldn’t try to stop – pooping. Whether you eat two-three big meals a day or are following a trendy little weight loss diet, not being able to poop due to piles can be very painful and can lead to a number of other health issues too. There are some tips to prevent piles

Poop when you need

Do not stop if you feels to poop, especially when you feel the pressure coming on. If you delay pooping, then your stool is likely to dry up and become hard within your lower intestines. This increases the risk of straining and injuring the anal tissues when you do end up pooping later and can lead to piles.

Eat fibre

Lack of consuming fibre from eating of enough fruits and vegetables is one of the main reasons why piles occur. Include more vegetables, fruits and whole grains in your diet and if that is not enough then talk to your doctor about soluble fibre supplements.

Drink plenty of water

Your digestive system requires adequate water intake to soften your stool. So, drink plenty of water and get enough fluids throughout the day.

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Keep it hygienic

Clean your anal area every time after you poop, and wash it properly while bathing. This ensures that poop and dirt residues do not stick or harden in the anal region and lead to complications later. These seemingly small issues can later make pooping difficult and cause infections as well.



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