This is what Vastu says about bedrooms to get fortune

Vastu is an ancient Indian astrological science which gives great importance to the position of bedrooms. Everyday in a person’s life starts while he or she wakes up after a night’s sleep in this particular room. So there should be sufficient air and proper circulation in the bedroom to get positive energy.

The position of the master bedroom should be on the south-west side of the house. the windows and and doors of this room have to be designed in such a way that breeze from outside enters the house. Vastu also suggests the favourable spot in the bedroom where precious items like money, jewellery and important document must be stored.

Tips to keep your home clean and tidy

The best way to retire for the day is by keeping the head on the eastern or southern side This will make you to face the sun while waking up in the morning. Always remember to  turn to the right side of the bed while getting up.


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