New Education Policy 2020: Introducing Coding and analytical thinking from the schooling level

Language is a mode of communication. In the neoteric world of robotics and AI, coding maybe the new language spoken.Ministry of Education, has introduced the New Education Policy (NEP) which will break through traditional methodologies and systems to provide a more holistic learning for students throughout country. They have proposed classes on coding for students from class 6 on wards. Introducing coding and increasing exposure to technology at a young age will go a long way in helping the youth lead the way to a new world of innovation and creativity.

A new education reform like this will help students to stand at the forefront and take on the new world that lies ahead of them. Introducing students at the K-12 level to advanced technology is a way of preparing them to adapt to the future. Coding helps inculcate a habit of curiosity. It pushes students to question, observe, analyse and record everything around them thus breaking the old pattern of classroom education which is a restrictive, one-way exchange of learning.

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Era of technology has enhanced not only the student but also the teacher to probe into many techniques of presenting their skill through ‘flip learning’, imaginative experiments, role plays, debates and discussions which brings out the thought process of both the child and the teacher. The teacher starts to enhance her perspective, moving away from the conventional approach.

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