Food items to avoid strictly if you want to lose weight

Do you want to lose weight? Unlike the popular belief, weight loss is not about lifting more weight, but putting fork to mouth and sometimes choosing not to. While you shouldn’t be depriving yourself of eating, there is a need for you to cut back on eating certain foods if your goal is to get rid of the stubborn fat around the midsection. So, eating dessert once in a while is OK. 7 food items for someone trying to lose weight.

Processed meat 

Eating processed meats may lead to weight gain. The researchers found that highly processed food may not satiate your hunger as well as processed high fibre foods.

White Bread 

White bread should be avoided  if you are trying to lose weight. You can go for whole grains which will allow you to get rid of visceral fat and won’t add your weight woes.

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Artificially sweetened drinks

Say goodbye to diet soda if you wish to get rid of the extra weight. Also, the sweet drinks that contain zero calories. It can negatively impact your weight and make it difficult for you to lose it.


Studies shows that drinking too much alcohol can significantly increase the amount of food we consume because it might alter your perception of food, meaning some foods might seem more delicious than they actually are under the influence of alcohol.

Sweetened yoghurt

Yoghurt is healthy food for weight loss, but not all yoghurts. While Greek yoghurt contains proteins and digestive enzymes, sugar or honey-sweetened yoghurts are not healthy for you. Fat-free yoghurts also contain added sugars. What you can include in your diet is Greek yoghurt without added sugar.


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