Symptoms body shows that you are losing weight the unhealthy way

Losing weight is one of the most important dream for many people, not just due to figure conscious reasons, but also because they are aware of the many health issues that arise from being overweight. Losing weight, working out at the gym, and following a diet become popular trends, especially among the urban people of the country.

Symptoms you are losing weight in an unhealthy way

You feels tired

We hear that the secret to weight loss is to cut off carbs from our diet but do not realise that carbs are the main source of energy for our body, and there are good and bad carbs. Carbohydrates eaten in the form of sugar and processed foods can lead to weight gain, and while there is a need to create a calorie balance or deficit to maintain or lose weight, not consuming any carbs at all can make you feel fatigued and tired all the time, which is not healthy at all.

 Nutritional deficiencies

If your checkups show that you are suffering from many nutritional deficiencies, and you were on a weight loss diet recently, it could be a sign of losing weight unhealthily. A balanced, nutritious diet is recommended for weight loss not just because it helps you shed the kilos, but also because these nutrients are needed by your body for essential functions. Your body may give you symptoms if you are not treating it right. Digestive troubles, lethargic feeling, feeling low, dull skin, rough and dry hair, etc are all signs that you are not getting adequate nutrition.

Food items you should never eat for breakfast

Body pain because of excess exercise

Exercise are important for weight loss and to stay healthy. However, in a bid to lose weight quickly, people often engage in vigorous exercise at once, which can lead to injuries, body pain, and muscle pain. It is recommended that you start with low-intensity exercises such as brisk walks, jogging, etc, and then dive into more intense ones to stay fit, build muscle.

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