Gautham Menon reveals how Silabarasan’s decision to change the dialogue in the film affected the whole film

Gautham Menon known for stylish filmmaking, is one of the leading directors in Kollywood. The director has given several hits with many actors. He has made many good love stories and cop thrillers.

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya is one of the best romantic films in Tamil .Silambarasan TR and Trisha played the lead roles was a massive hit. Gautham Menon talking about the film to an online portal spoke about how STR had made a change in dialogue of the film which became popular.

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“In a scene, I remember a dialogue ‘promises are meant to be broken’ which was in English, there are usually many English dialogues in my films. There were a few dialogues Simbu loved and delivered them beautifully. The dialogue ‘promises are meant to be broken’ he said he will say it in Tamil. I didn’t have any problem in saying that dialogue in Tamil. He on the spot said ‘Sathyam Panrade Odaikaradu than’ It was literal translation from English as there is nothing like that in Tamil. It was beautiful when he said it and I let it be there. The whole sequence is beautiful” he said.

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