Common sex injuries and ways to prevent it

Sexual health includes a wide range of issues like pleasure, reproduction, orientation and gender identity, so on and so forth. Unhealthy practices may lead to is sexually transmitted infections, reproductive tract infections, unhealthy pregnancy, sexual dysfunction and injuries too. Unhealthy sexual practices might lead to injuries and make it a painful experience.  Most of the common sexual injuries and ways to avoid them.

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Cuts And Tears In The Vagina

Vagina is a sensitive area. It is mostly cause pain by insufficient lubrication during an intercourse. Though the vagina heals on its own in most cases, a severe injury may lead to bleeding and long-term infection as well. So consult a gynaecologist if the bleeding continues or the pain doesn’t vanish on its own. The best way to prevent the condition is to ensure natural lubrication through lots of foreplay. However, store-bought lubes can also help in the waterwork.

Penile Fracture

This is a rare sex injury, But penile fracture can be a reality if an erect penis gets hit forcefully and the blood-laden chambers inside it break. Fracture in the penis is a medical emergency. It has been found that the chances of this condition increase in case of the woman-on-top position.

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Back Injuries

Sex is a high intensity activity which might result in muscle injury. Though thigh and calf muscles are most vulnerable to injury during an intercourse, any part of your body may be affected in course of the act.

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