Reasons why you feel pain after sex

Pain after sex is a natural occurrence that no one needs to be ashamed of. If, you are getting  hurt from painful sex and frequently end up having a sore vagina, then you should talk to your partner or consult the doctor .  Identify the reasons why it’s hurting so much. Here are few reasons why you might be having a sore vagina after sex.

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Inadequate lubrication

Lubrication is really important for smooth sex, and a great way to avoid any hurt down there. When your vagina isn’t properly lubricated, the friction can make the skin tear and cause pain that can be extremely uncomfortable. Rather, lubricants make the process a lot easier, giving a soothing effect.

Sensitive to latex

Some people are sensitive to latex. If you are using latex condoms and it irritates your vagina, then the safest, instant relief is to place ice over your underwear to soothe the vagina. In cases like these, consult a doctor . There are many alternatives to latex condoms.

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If you experiencing continuous itching, burning, irregular vaginal discharge, then  you might be  having a vaginal infection. It can cause harm to our private parts. It could be a yeast or bacterial infection, STDs or STIs or even more. Intake proper medicines only after consulting a doctor regarding the same  and avoid having sex for some time. It can reduce pain.

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