Must know things about sex

Sex is a natural act which gives utmost pleasure . Sex helps to build intimacy between partners. There are some must know facts about sex and they are
1. Hygiene and cleanliness are essential It is better to take a bath with lukewarm water before going to the bedroom.
2. Dressing has importance in sex. Never go to bedroom wearing clothes that have been worn since morning. Go to the bedroom wearing clean clothes and beautiful clothes. Untidy clothes make each other less attractive.
3. Dim light is always better for sex,  dim light will give passion rather than bright light.
4. There should be no sense of inferiority or shame about one’s own body parts or performance.
5. Don’t be completely naked at the beginning of sex It is better to remove each other’s clothes one by one according to the excitement so that you can gradually become completely naked.
6. Having sex in the same bedroom every day can sometimes be boring. Having sex in the bathroom, kitchen, dining table or living room sofa (only if the situation allows) can be very interesting.

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