Want space? Here are some tips renovate house

Renovating your house is not just about changing colour of paint, tiles or window shades; it is about wisely using the space, furniture and money. Customize every piece of furniture that you have ever wanted and make it fit into the ambience of your little heaven. Renovate not just to add beauty but also space.

Creative ideas to give makeover to staircase area

Choose your furniture pieces carefully

Decorate your home with furniture pieces that are meticulously designed and crafted to provide comfort without occupying a lot of space. If you want more space, go for convertible furniture. You can also customize the furniture as per your wish. If you have guests staying at your house frequently pick a sofa cum bed for your living room. Beds with storage gives you with a lot of space to stuff  occasional things. You can also go for pull out tray tables and wall attached beds if you want to make the best use of the space.

Wall lights

If you like chandeliers and fancy lights and want to decorate your house with attractive bulbs and lamps, it would be advisable to go for wall lights. Lampshades and night lamps take a lot of space. With wall lights of different sizes, shapes and colours, you can decorate your room without using much space. It  brighten up your rooms and also add to the aesthetic beauty to your house.

Budget friendly home makeover tips and tricks

Make use of the space under the staircase

If you have a double-storeyed house, make use of extra space under the staircase. This space can be converted into a small art gallery or a little work station. Book lovers can use this space for showcasing collection books. If you have small children at home, you can also convert this space into a small playing room.

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