Tips for healthy pregnancy

Motherhood changes a woman’s world. Pregnancy is indeed one of the most happy journies that a woman undertakes as it brings about a positive change in her – both physically and mentally. So, a woman needs to adopt a few healthy practises during pregnancy to stay fit, and active. Moreover, these habits will help her in the long run.

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Healthy Food

It is important to eat right to ensure that you don’t gain too much weight. Losing weight after pregnancy is not easy. It needs persistent efforts and time to burn all the pregnancy fat. So , plan your diet in such a manner that you and your baby get all the nourishment and yet not gain unhealthy fat.

Keep stress at bay

As physical health it is important to take care of your emotional health too. So, do things that make you feel happy. Watch your favourite sit-coms or read a light-hearted book of your choice. Though it is natural to feel low sometimes, try to pep up your mood by keeping yourself engaged in things that help you to be happy.

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Sleep well

Though getting the adequate amount of sleep may not be possible during pregnancy, try and go to bed on time so that you give your body the much-needed rest. Get good amount of sleep so that you and the baby in the womb are in the pink of health.


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