Feng shui tips to bring wealth and good luck at home

Feng shui is an age-old Chinese practice to add positive energy in your home and improve the vibe of your home significantly. It changes  the aura of your home by moving some things here and there. Arranging your home according to Feng shui brings you good luck and happiness and also improves the quality of your life. So, here are 5 things to consider to bring positive energy in your home.

In kitchen, avoid having two counters in front of each other arrange  them next to each other. It is said that when the sink and the stove are opposite to each other, it might create tension and conflicts amongst the family members.

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To attract wealth, always keep the toilet seat down and the bathroom door closed. Also, make sure to not put too much stuff in the area between the bedroom and the bathroom and declutter the space.

Arrange as many plants in the living room as you can. Planting lots of plants in your entire house as these bring wealth, freshness, vitality and good luck.


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