Food items that keep you happy & reduce stress

As  staying fit and healthy, it’s important to be happy. There are certain food items in which keep you happy from inside because food and nutrition are also connected to our happiness.

Green tea

Drinking  green tea regularly helps to reduce your stress level. It improves our mood and overall well-being making you happy  so, try to have green tea on a daily basis.

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Raw walnuts

Walnuts are high in magnesium which makes us relaxed and reduces stress and anxiety. The low-carb content  also helps to keep your blood sugar levels on check. So include walnuts in your breakfast and snacking time to be happy.


Apart from making you energetic , coffee also makes you happy. In research, it has been shown that coffee helps to reduce the risk of depression both in men and women. But it should be consumed in limit.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolates have high antioxidants which reduce the stress hormone levels in our body, thus making us happy from inside.

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