How to make aftershave lotion at home

Many men prefer clean-shaven look and end up shaving their stubble as soon as it appears. But, shaving often leaves rashes or an itchy sensation. So, a need for an aftershave lotion arises. An aftershave is usually an antiseptic agent which helps in treating wounds/cuts caused while shaving.

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It contains astringent which allows the skin to cool after it experiences a burning sensation because of the use of a razor. There are a wide range of aftershave lotions in the market, but we have some tips for you to help you make it at home.


1) 250 ml pure coconut oil
2) Apple cider vinegar
3) Five to six drops of peppermint oil
4) A small clean empty glass or a plastic bottle with a lid to store it.

Combine all these ingredients well and store it in a glass or plastic bottle.



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