Do You Use Earphones? So know about the serious damages caused by it

Most of us use earphones and we spend hours talking or listening to songs. But do you know that excessive use of earphones can be harmful to health?

Permanent or partial deafness might occur.

If a person listens to songs at a volume higher than 90 decibels for more than 2 hours, his ears might become deaf. The hearing ability of the ear is only up to 90 decibels. So always be careful that listening to louder songs reduces the listening ability to 40-50 decibels.

Never consume these things with tea

Listening to songs on high volume, watching movies or playing games ,it  increases heart rate. Which can damage the heart and put you at risk for a heart attack. Electric waves emitted from earphones have a dangerous effect on the brain, leading to insomnia and headaches.

Infections and mental problems .

Sharing earphones with others might cause  ear infections.

Excessive use of earphones will reduce hearing and increase mental problems. So using earphones as little as possible is beneficial for your health.

While using earphones, good quality earphones should be used while keeping the noise low.

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