Country witnessed the biggest privatization announcements in the history of India: KC Venugopal

The country witnessed the biggest privatization announcements in the history of India with the presentation of the 2021 budget by the BJP Modi government.
C. Venugopal MP has criticized the Modi government in strong language against privatization. He criticised the inauguration of the new project of Bharat Petroleum Company Limited, which was put up for sale by the Central Government itself, by the Prime Minister and state government who are supporting it.
The land acquisition for the Propellant Derivatives Petrochemical Project (PDPP) adjacent to the Kochi refinery was done by misleading the state that it was bringing a big project to Kerala.
Kerala should must be happy when India’s first and largest project in the world is completed on 132 acres. The key advantage of IREP’s continuously established petrochemical complex is that it can produce BS6 standard eco – friendly petrol and diesel fuels with the distinction of being an international standard refinery. The investment from the first phase is Rs 5500 crore and the total investment is Rs 16,800 crore.
But the inauguration comes at a time when the Center is realizing that it intends to sell BPCL within two months. It can be seen that the inauguration and Modi’s announcements are only to dust things off in the eyes of the people in the run-up to the elections opined Venugopal

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