Incredible health benefits of clapping

We not only express happiness and encouragement by clapping, but many don’t know how greatly benefit our health. Let’s know how clapping benefits our health and these disease can be cured.

• By clapping, blood circulation will get corrected and cholesterol level  also get reduced. Blood pressure will come in check by clapping.

Health benefits of kissing

• Clapping for a long time every day, can get relief from heart disease, diabetes, asthma and arthritis etc.

• There are almost 340 acupressure points in our body. 29 of which are in our hands. As per acupressure therapy, only the clapping can keep the body parts healthy.

• By clapping, oxygen reaches our lungs easily and our body remains healthy.

• By clapping 30 minutes daily, you can get rid of colds, hair loss and physical pain.

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