Why to ‘must’ add amla in your daily diet

Amla, is  rich in vitamin-C, it is medicine for 100 diseases, potassium, carbohydrates, fiber, proteins, vitamins A, B complex, magnesium, vitamin ‘C’, iron, vitamin ‘C’ are found in plenty . We will always be young, beautiful and healthy with the use of Amla. Amla is the perfect medicine many diseases.

If there is any deficiency of hemoglobin in blood, eating amla daily is very good. It helps to create red blood cells in the body and does not allow blood loss.

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Consumption of amla increases the activity and quantity of sperm in men and in women, the ovaries become good and healthy, menstruation becomes regular.

Amla proves to be an effective remedy for kidney stone. Dry the gooseberry for 40 days and make the powder into it after having stones, and eat that powder mixed with radish juice every day. This will melt stones in a few  days.

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