Home remedies to avoid menstrual cramps

Many women face a challenging time while dealing with menstrual cramps. These cramps cause pain and discomfort and leave women exhausted both mentally and physically. And there are times when these cramps becomes unbearable . Many try medicines to suppress pain. But, these pain killers  have side effects so the best way to reduce menstrual cramps is by using  natural tips.

Warm water

Drink  warm/hot water during regular intervals to release the feeling of bloating. By drinking warm water, you can maintain blood flow, which will help ease muscles/relieve pain.

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Avoid oily food

Have a simple diet during your periods . Avoid oily or spicy foods as they may harm your stomach condition.

Hot water bag

Use a hot water bag to calm your stomach and back muscles during menstruation . This works like wonder in treating pain and easing tension in the muscles. But, make sure the water isn’t too hot.

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