This may also be a symptom of Covid; Health experts do not ignore

The second wave of Covid19 is spreading terror across the country. Unlike the first wave, we are seeing Covid spreading to more people. The severity of the condition is exacerbated by the fact that the symptoms are not obvious in those who have Covid. But you need to check yourself if there are any unusual symptoms in the body.
The first wave of coronavirus increases the risk of showing vague and unusual symptoms that have not been seen before. Cough, fever, chills, shortness of breath, body aches, and loss of sense of smell and taste are all commonly considered Covid symptoms. However, experts say that other symptoms can be seen in people with Covid.
Health experts point out that severe fatigue caused by a sharp drop in the number of platelets in the blood may be a sign of the onset of Covid 19. Ignoring this symptom can make the disease worse. Platelets in the blood are depleted during viral infections. Therefore, if you experience fatigue and restlessness, you should not ignore it and take the Covid-19 test given the current critical situation, said Prof. Santosh Kumar said. Covid-19 may show other common symptoms similar to influenza, but diarrhea, redness of the eyes, skin rash, and fatigue are also new symptoms, he said. When the number of platelets decreases, people often suspect other diseases such as dengue fever. The Business Insider also reported that Covid 19 should be checked if you experience severe fatigue and restlessness.
Decreased platelet count can be very detrimental to health. He said that when the number of platelets decreases, the risk of shortness of breath is higher.
In this time of the second outbreak of the Covid epidemic, everyone is requested to wear a mask, sanitize, maintain social distance, and be vaccinated. Together we can defeat the epidemic. #BreakTheChain #IndiaFightsCorona

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