Good news for those who send voice messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the largest instant messaging app in the world. Voice messaging is one of the most useful features of this app. There are people who use it more and more today. WhatsApp is going to bring a change in the way WhatsApp users want in this feature.


Sometimes when you record a WhatsApp voice message you don’t feel the need to check it before sending it. But the mechanism for that is not available now. Now you can delete a message if you have a problem with it.

But the news is that WhatsApp is now preparing such a system. The sender can listen to the recorded message on WhatsApp before sending it. WhatsApp is preparing a playback system for it. WhatsApp Beta Info reports that some users have received some tests of this.

It is reported that the instant messaging app owned by Facebook will soon be available to iOS and Android users at the same time. Last week, WhatsApp introduced a feature related to determining the playback speed of voice messages.

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