Intensive control from May 4 to 9; Action against violators

Strict restrictions similar to the lockdown will be imposed in the state from May 4 to 9 in case the Covid escalates. Strict restrictions will be enforced, similar to those imposed on Saturdays and Sundays. Violators will be prosecuted under the Disaster Management Act

These are the restrictions

No one will be allowed to leave the house unnecessarily. Crowds are not allowed in closed spaces.

Unnecessary travel is not allowed

Shops selling milk, vegetables, groceries, fish, and meat can be opened. Maximum door delivery is required.

Traders in vegetable and fish markets should keep a distance of 2 m; Wear 2 masks and gloves if possible.

Can only work for hospitals, media houses, telecom, IT, milk, newspaper distribution, water supply, and electricity-related companies.

Covid Vaccination Centers are not barred.

Strict restrictions on attending weddings and funerals.

Home delivery to hotels and restaurants only.

Home delivery of fish can be for sale.

Clothing stores, jewelers, and barbershops will not be open.

∙ Auto, taxi, and freight vehicles only for essentials. These will be checked by the police.

Those going to work in private companies should show their identity card.

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