Just wearing a mask is not enough; This should also be noted

In severe cases, the spread of the virus can increase the risk of infection tenfold. Since the presence of the virus all around is so high, the only way to get rid of the disease is to be very careful. Masks are routinely worn all over the world to prevent the virus from entering public places and entering the bodies of infected people. However, experts say that simply applying a mask to the face is not enough to prevent new variants of the rapidly spreading virus.

There are a few things to keep in mind to get the most out of the mask. The benefits of a mask depend on two things. It is a combination of leakage and compatibility

The mask should be close to the face. First and foremost, make sure you have the right amount of mass to stick to your face. Mask with a nose wire or nose clip can use for this.

A nose wire is a thin metal wire that can be pressed over the bridge of the nose. A nose Wire or Clip is also a solution to the problem of frostbite on the glasses when using the mask.

Leakage is another thing to look out for when wearing a mask. When you wear a mask, it’s snowing on your glasses because the air comes out, not through the mask. This type of air leaks through the edges of surgical masks as well. Leakage of air can cause the virus to enter the air and if you are a carrier, the virus may come out of you.

Properly covered, it will withstand many adverse conditions. Most masks leak on the sides of the nose and along the cheeks.

Notting and tucking is a method prescribed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to prevent leakage of surgical masks. This is a method of folding the excess part of the mask and tying the extra string.

After wearing the mask to make sure it fits, place your hands on the sides of the mask and check for air leaks. If there is no leak, you can tell that the inhaled air is coming out only through the mask; The mask rises and falls according to the breath

Double mask
Its filtering capacity is a factor that ensures the efficiency of the mask. The ability to filter out secretions depends on the number and capacity of the mask’s layers. The layers of the mask should be such that they do not allow the virus-containing secretions to pass in or out.

For this, the CDC in the US now recommends a double mask. A double mask with a multi-layered cloth mask and a surgical mask (possibly a non-reusable type mask) should be used in this manner. The surgical mask should be worn under the cloth mask.

According to a CDC study, a cloth mask has only 51.4 percent resistance to the virus, although it has many layers. The study found that a notched and touching surgical mask was 77 percent resistant and a normally worn surgical mask 56.1 percent resistant to the virus.

Wearing a surgical mask after tying the string and wearing a multi-layered cloth mask on top can ensure 85.4% resistance. So the double mask is now recommended by everyone.

But some types of masks should not be used one on top of the other. Do not use two surgical masks one on top of the other and no other mask with the N95 mask. Only wear the N95 mask when wearing it.



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