The use of the oximeter should be as follows

Covid fear is spreading. In addition to preventing this, you need to know what can be done on your own. The most dangerous condition of covid is the lack of oxygen in the blood. If the oxygen level reaches less than 94, immediate attention is required. All we have to do is buy an oximeter and test it. We need to know some things that can be done quickly if this is reduced. Learn how to use an oximeter exactly like this

Some people have a condition called happy hypoxia. That is, a condition in which the oxygen supply is rapidly depleted. At the same time, the body does not show any particular symptoms. That condition is dangerous. If we have an oximeter, we can tell if we are in this situation. The oximeter also needs to be checked accurately to indicate the correct level. The first step is to examine the right hand, especially the middle finger.

Measure it after resting for 5 minutes. It takes at least 30 seconds like this to calculate the amount you can get by hand. Similarly, if there is nail polish or henna on the finger, it should be removed to check the oxygen level. But get the exact figure. Similarly, if the hand is trembling or sweating, it should be removed and replaced with an oximeter. If the oxygen level seems to be less than 94, get up in the room and walk for 5-6 minutes. Check again. If it is still low, seek hospital help.

Even though oxygen levels are low like this, there are some things we can do at home to prevent it from going into conditions like pneumonia. The most important of these are steam trapping. Heat water to a boil and hold the steam in both nostrils. This is not to kill the corona or add oxygen. The cough will be reduced. This will make breathing easier. Such techniques are also good for preventing conditions such as covid pneumonia.

Proning is the next thing to do. Lie down. Take long breaths. It can be done in half an hour like this. Then lie down alternately on both sides. Let’s get up later. Again, it can be rolled and tilted as mentioned above. This is one of the things that helps increase oxygen levels.

The other is the cupping technique. For this, the hand should be held in a slightly bent position. No need to bend over backwards. Hold both hands and tap alternately on the chest. This is also a technique that helps our lungs to some extent. This is good for increasing oxygen levels and preventing lungs from becoming dangerous. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to enhance your health.

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