369,725 crore for the world’s poor! Will that gate of mercy close?

The ways of compassion of Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife are not new. Both spend billions of dollars every year in poorer countries. Now it has been announced that the two are going to separate in life. Concerns remain about how this will affect the world’s largest charity.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was founded with the goal of keeping all the people of the world healthy. The foundation was established in 2000. Bill Gates still owns 1.3 percent of Microsoft. His current net worth is $ 130 billion. Part of this is used for charity. It is also seen as the next split between the rich after the divorce of Amazon boss Jeff Bezos.

The Gates Foundation currently has assets of approximately $ 5000 billion (approximately Rs 369,725 crore). It is also the largest private charity in the world. The foundation estimates that $ 5 billion will be spent on charity in 2018-19. The Gates couple’s separation statement has come as a shock to those in the region. The couple presented a variety of charitable practices to the world. They are said to have been the biggest change in the region in recent times.

Unlike the Carnegie Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation, which began after the death of the rich, it was unheard of for its founders to bring an organization for charity in the middle of their lives. The Gates couple are equally important in the foundation. Although the two have said they will continue to work together, some say uncertainty about the foundation’s future has begun. Both say they may sometimes set up their own foundations.



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