Bad breath despite having a clean mouth

Bad breath is a problem that is affecting more and more people. We generally say that the mouth does not clean properly. But this is not just a matter of cleaning the mouth. No matter how clean the mouth is or what experiments are done in the mouth, it is not uncommon for people to have bad breath. There are those who wonder what is the reason for this. Bad breath is not just a matter of cleaning the mouth. It is also related to health problems. The solution to this problem can only be found if the exact cause of it is found.

One of the major causes of bad breath is poor mouth hygiene. Brushing and flossing your teeth at least 2 times a day is good. Saltwater is also good for the cheeks. This odor can be caused by sinusitis problems like this. It is natural for people with this problem to have this kind of bad breath problem. However, there are many other health problems that can lead to bad breath or halitosis.

For some people, this problem is caused by an illness in the abdomen. I.e. protein allergy. This is a problem called intestinal flora deficiency, which is the problem of not having good bacteria in the gut. This causes the stool to tighten and fermentation to take place as the digestion in the stomach does not take place properly. It gases and mixes with the blood. This blood will reach the lungs. This causes bad breath when it is exchanged with air. This causes bad breath. This can be caused by chewing something in the mouth or cleaning the mouth many times.
This can be detected with a blood test. This problem can affect us in many other ways. Symptoms include skin problems, dandruff, graying hair, fistulas, piles, allergy problems, and asthma. This includes all the problems caused by the lack of good bacteria in the stomach flora. All of these together cause bad breath. This problem is not going to be solved by dental care or gum care alone.

The solution is to increase the number of good bacteria in the stomach. Stomach health is important for this. Eat probiotic foods that make good bacteria like yogurt. Foods that improve digestion are important. Fibers are beneficial. Drink water as well. A good exercise is also important. Stomach problems can also be caused by things like stress. Control these too

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