Is it safe to have sex after getting COVID vaccine?

There are many speculation on the dos and don’ts one should follow after getting dose of COVID-19 vaccine. Social media is full of  doubts on whether one can have sex after getting the COVID vaccine.

Health Ministry has not issued any formal guidelines regarding this but medical experts suggest that men and women should use contraceptives after getting the second dose.

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“The SARS-CoV2 is a novel virus and the vaccine developed to neutralise it. However, it is too early to say whether there are any long-term side effects of the vaccine and whether they affect a man and a woman if they have intercourse. Abstinence from sex may not be always possible for an inoculated person,” said  Dr Deepak Verma, internal medicine, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad .

“It will be advisable for men and women to use contraceptives such as condoms for at least 2 to 3 weeks after receiving the second dose. This is because during sex the body fluids come in contact.” he added.

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