Mental Health: What can be done to strengthen mental health?

As the Covid Second Wave intensifies in India, lockdowns, micro-containment zones and work from home are once again commonplace. When sitting at home, one often forgets to give importance to mental health along with physical health. Let’s take a look at what needs to be done to strengthen mental health.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is an important factor in physical and mental health. Sleep has the ability to regulate chemicals in the brain and regulate our mood and emotions

Eat good food

Eating a diet rich in all essential nutrients is as important for physical health as it is for mental health. The deficiency of vitamin B12 and iron in the body can adversely affect the mood. Be sure to eat nutritious foods
Avoid alcohol and smoking

Alcohol and smoking often cause depression and anxiety. Therefore, avoiding alcohol and smoking can be very beneficial for mental health.

Expose to sunlight

Sunlight contains vitamin D. This will produce more chemicals in the brain to make our mood happier. Therefore, getting half an hour of sunlight in the morning is very good for physical and mental health.


Exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy mental state. Exercise can relieve anxiety, stress and depression. Exercise can also help relieve fatigue and lethargy.

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