The wife of the world’s billionaire has lived ‘with the poor’, Melinda has a different life!

What can the wife of the world’s greatest billionaire do? Shopping as she pleases, foreign tours, luxury life … yes Melinda could have lived anywhere like this. But they realized that his mission was to become a light to the whole world. She was devoting her life to spending all her time suffering.

No small matter, that is. It is difficult to let the goodness of the mind flow to others like a beautiful moon. Coincidentally, Melinda, who became the beloved bride of Microsoft chief Bill Gates, never lost sight of that good. What this busy couple in the busy world is doing is setting an example for everyone on earth. But, these philanthropists have now informed the world that they are parting ways in life …

Melinda was born on August 15, 1964, in Dallas, Texas. Melinda, who excelled in her studies when she was in seventh grade, was added to the class by class teacher Advanced Mathus. That’s where the love for computers begins. After graduating from high school in Ursuline, Melinda went on to study computer science and economics at Duke University. She completed her MBA in 1987. He joined Microsoft in 1987. The area was product development. He later became the General Manager of the Information Products Division. After falling in love and marrying Bill Gates, Melinda remained there until 1996, when she left the company with the arrival of her first child.

When she graduated from college, Melinda had no idea what to do or how to live. That’s when I joined a new company. Melinda still did not know; He said that he had joined the company of a man who was going to be hailed as the ‘richest man’ in the world and that he would never be able to leave and live together in love for a long time!

He thought that this company would do something that was going to change the world and that he was not going to leave this company no matter what. The CEO of the company was soon attracted to that twenty-three-year-old. Bill Gates first met Melinda at a New York City sales meeting. A week later, Bill Gates invited the girl to come out with him in the parking lot. That was the beginning. It did not take long for the two to fall in love.

Seven long years, passed with romance and company. So in 1995 they got married. Its next year will see the release of the revolutionary Windows 95. Melinda, who is pregnant with her first child, made a decision. Not going to work anymore. The baby needs parental care. When both of them go to work, they have to buy the love and care they need. The values ​​that both of them upheld in life may not be passed on to their children. ‘Bill Gates was shocked when he first heard it. But then I was able to tell him and understand, ‘Melinda used to say.

Today, the Gates Foundation, the world’s largest private charity, was founded in 2000 by two men. Let the two work together to enlighten their values ​​to the whole world. That was the organization.

Towards the path of goodness

Prior to her marriage to Bill Gates in 1994, the couple planned to form an organization for charity. Bill’s father was also interested in it. In a sense, Bill’s inherited compassion for his fellow human beings. Bill’s mother was a well-known philanthropist.

Thus began the initial work, forming a foundation named after William H. Gates, Bill’s father. International health care activities began in the northwestern Pacific, where they lived.

Three years later, the Gates Library Foundation was formed. Later renamed the Gates Learning Foundation, it aimed to spread Internet technology to public libraries in North America. This was followed in 1999 by the Gates Millennium Scholarship Program, which allocated $ 1 billion for educational assistance to minorities. In 2000, the name was changed to the Bill & Melinda Gates House Foundation. Seventeen billion dollars was set aside for various activities at that time.

By 2006, the Gates Foundation had become the largest charity in the world. That same year, the Foundation received the Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation. In June, billionaire Warren Buffett announced his intention to donate $ 30 billion to the organization. Buffett was also a close friend of the Gates couple.

With a special emphasis on diseases such as malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis, they have been able to provide excellent service to the health sector. Destroys disease-causing parasites and manufactures superfoods to address malnutrition. In addition to doing such work on their own, they also seek to involve other countries and wealthy individuals in their volunteer work. As the African proverb says, ‘If your goal is to go fast, go alone, or if you want to go farther, join others.’ Yes, they did prove that it is man’s duty not only to do good but also to do it

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