71 years old Retired teacher Sudharma’s baby girl died on the 45th day

71 years old Retired teacher Sudharma gave birth to a baby girl, at Alappuzha Medical College Hospital on March 18. Sudharma who gave birth through artificial insemination accepted 45 days of love and surrendered to the verdict.

 On Mondy evening, the Milk got stuck in babies throat and the baby becomes restless. The baby was rushed to the Alappuzha Medical College Hospital on Monday evening but died at night. The baby, who was born through surgery, was kept in hospital for 40 days due to low weight and immunity. she was brought home to Ramapuram on the 28th as his health condition improved. Sudharma and her husband Rita. Police Telecommunication Officer Surendran also took care of the baby. He succumbed to his injuries amidst the joy of gaining weight from 1100 to 1400.

Sudharma and Surendran wanted to have another child after their 35 – year – old son Sujit died in Saudi a year ago.


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